Urban Figure Skaters

Urban Figure Skaters

Our urban figure skaters have developed an urban and theatrical performance that brings all the elegance and grace of the ice to the streets
Roller blading group perform figure skating routines on concrete rather than ice
Perform with props and tailored costumes to suit all occasions
Can be booked as both ice skaters and rollerbladers
Based in Milan, Italy and available for worldwide bookings

Urban Figure Skaters VIDEOS

Urban Figure Skaters PHOTOS

An outstanding theatrical performance that brings all of the elegance and grace of the ice to the streets, our figure skating team exceed expectations with stunning routines. Our urban figure skaters have developed street and theatrical performances that astound all audiences.

Experimenting and developing artistic performances in different urban and theatrical contexts these remarkable figure skaters apply all of their skills from the ice rink to the concrete making for an accessible performance that captures all of the beauty of figure skating and bringing it to all locations regardless of whether or not there is an ice rink. 

Reaching exciting new levels of creativity our urban figure skaters create choreography that combines ice skating with urban dance making for a captivating performance that strikes a chord with all audiences. 

Performing on inline skates our performers have showcased their unique production around urban landscapes that instantly captures the attention of every guest and onlooker. 

Offering a range of services our roller blading group are available for:

  • Performance Art
  • Urban Skating Videos
  • Inline Artistic Figure Skating Shows
  • Ice Skating Shows
  • Entertainment at Sporting Events, Corporate and Private
  • Edutainment for School Projects

Our urban figure skaters boast a stunning performance that can be tailored to suit your event perfectly whether you desire short sharp ambient sets or a full showstopper performance. Our figure skating team are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with high octane performances that have a real elegance and grace. 

To book our urban figure skaters or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.