Sultry, dramatic entertainment that is sure to make your occasion stand out, our skilled Latin dancers will put on a fantastic show at your event that will not be soon forgotten, whilst our sensational Brazilian dancers will bring glamour, excitement, and an electric atmosphere to all occasions.

A form of ballroom and folk dancing that originated in Latin America, Latin dance is characterised by its fast pace, sensual nature, and rhythmic expression, making for a sensational performance. Popular styles include the salsa, merengue, bachata, Argentine tango, cha cha, samba, paso doble, jive and rumba, and our talented dancers are sure to impress and enchant audiences at your event with their demonstrations of these passionate dances.

Specialising in samba, Brazilian axé, capoeira, lambada, Afro Brazilian dance, and Baile funk, our fantastic Brazilian dancers will amaze your guests with their incredible routines, and are sure to bring the colour and energy of Rio to your event.

Bringing flair and elegance to any occasion, our Latin and Brazilian dancers provide first class entertainment, and will put on a visually stunning performance at your event featuring impressive choreography, beautiful costumes, and an expert level of precision and skill. 

Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, festivals, cultural events, ceremonies, gala dinners, themed occasions and more, our wonderful Latin and Brazilian dancers will inspire and amaze with their emotive and fast-paced routines.

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