Digital Animation For Hire

Transport guests to another dimension with 3D video mapping, immersive games and an exciting variety of augmented reality experiences: corporate or private

With immense scope for custom personalisation, digital animation offers exciting opportunity to bring contemporary design and virtual reality into event spaces of all themes and sizes. Our talented digital animators and virtual reality experts are on hand to bring your event vision to life in front of your eyes using cutting edge 3D technology.


The creation of moving visuals using computer graphics – digital animation – can take many shapes and forms including 3D video mapping projection onto cars, buildings and objects; interactive games and apps; and augmented reality scenarios.

Digital animation is an innovative form of entertainment with endless customisable opportunities as professional programmers and graphic designers make any character or theme-scape come to life before your eyes.  

Bring your event up to date with a static 3D display or interactive exhibit. With iPads and specialist technology any event space can be transformed into a creative event space, members of the audience can create their own digital animations and projection, or engage in a live animation game showcasing a product or experience. 

Offering a truly unique entertainment experience that is sure to stay long in the minds of guests, our digital animation acts have a universal appeal and are not just limited to one age group.

Helping you to create an unforgettable immersive experience, our digital animation artists are on hand using state of the art technology to create bespoke animations for corporate functions, product launches, promotional events, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals and more. 

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