One of the oldest and most popular types of entertainment, juggling is an exciting form of circus entertainment with limitless boundaries. It takes great skill and can be performed with a fantastic array of props.

With everything from balls, clubs and knives to other fantastic implements, walkabout jugglers offer intimate, up close shows that can be performed in many locations from streets to dinner parties. Our collection of wonderful walkabout jugglers have many different juggling acts available: circus-style, comedy juggling, contact juggling and of course there's diabolo performers - an act derived from China from the common yoyo.

Juggling acts can be high energy, fun and sophisticated, whatever the event. We have such a diverse range of walkabout jugglers and diabolo performers that we can find the juggling acts to roam around at your event. 

This type of circus entertainment is incredibly versatile and the props are easily transportable and easy enough to use whilst on the move. You will generally book one or two performers for an event and these will keep guests amazed with walkabout entertainment at festivals, private parties and corporate events.

A universal form of entertainment that appeals to audiences of all ages and nationalities having a juggler at your event will make it utterly memorable!