Origami and Paper Artists For Hire

Hire Origami and Paper Artists to Add Elegance to Your Event: Corporate or Private

The traditional art of paper folding is globally recognised as an intricate art with longstanding cultural history. Bring a touch of sophistication to your event by hiring one of our origami and paper-folding artists. From hanging decorations to sculpture, the possibilities are limitless.


Origami – the art of paper folding – has a long tradition in history across Europe, China and Japan and is a novel and rare art form that few people have mastered. 

Ideal for themed parties, exhibitions, corporate events, dinners and product launches, our origami artists will mix and mingle with your guests offering each of them a unique artful memento of your event. Able to create intricate paper sculptures of just about anything in only a few moments, including flowers, animals and objects, they can also develop original compositions on request and customise with a range of beautiful coloured papers! 

Not just able to create origami masterpieces on the spot for guests, our paper artists can also create hanging origami decorations, table centrepieces, beautiful abstract geometric wall art and much more in order to add an extra level of aesthetic to your event. They can also create monumental origami sculptures on commission that are on a larger scale for installations and exhibits.  

Treat your guests to some mind bending paper folding that is sure to get the conversation flowing and make your event one to remember!

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