Chinese Acts and Shows For Hire

Traditional and contemporary Chinese acts providing stunning event performances: corporate or private

Steeped in historical culture, our incredible Chinese acts offer world-class performances to astound audiences and captivate event guests. From intricate displays of Kung-Fu and exhilarating  circus shows through to elegant tea pourers and calligraphy artists, our specialist acts provide world-class entertainment rich in Chinese culture and artistic innovation.


Celebrate traditional Chinese culture with one of our amazing Chinese culture entertainment!

Possessing one of the world’s most rich and fascinating histories, Chinese culture is filled with traditions, legends and stories. With a roster that encompasses everything from traditional Chinese entertainment, right up to oriental fusion shows that incorporate modern technology and culture, at Scarlett Entertainment we are guaranteed to have something that will perfectly suit your event. Treat your guests to displays from real Kung Fu Masters and epic stage shows that tell the legend of Mulan and Shaolin warrior monks and recreate the legacy of Emperor Qin’s armies.  

Any number of circus performers; acrobats; lion and dragon dancers; plate spinners; martial arts and Kung Fu masters; traditional calligraphers, paper cutters and tea pourers; sword dancers, diabolo jugglers, face change artists and shadow play acts can combine to create an eclectic and exciting show or perform solo – the options are endless!

Chinese-themed team challenges and workshops are also on offer for corporate groups that are looking for an educational and cultural activity with lessons that promote time management, planning and allocation of team resources. All kinds of activities including building dragon costumes for a dragon dance and dragon boats for a race are on offer. 

Bring an authentic taste of China to your event, by incorporating Chinese tradition and culture!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Chinese traditions in ancient Chinese entertainment?

The ancient Chinese had many forms of entertainment, including cricket fighting, soccer and kite flying. Art forms such as calligraphy, poetry, painting and sculptures made of terracotta, were widely popular throughout Chinese history.

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year is celebrated in different ways, traditionally the main Chinese New Year activities include putting up decorations, eating reunion dinner with family on New Year's Eve, offering Sacrifices to Ancestors, putting on a display of firecrackers and fireworks, giving red envelopes and other gifts and watching lion and dragon dances

To find out more, head to our blog on Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas.

What did the ancient Chinese do for fun?

Music played an important role in people's social lives in ancient China. Traditional musical instruments were popular, but mainly among the rich class as they had leisure time to enjoy the music while the poor had to work to make a living. Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we have a huge selection of Chinese musical acts, including traditional Chinese musicians, zither and qin players, as well as erhu performers.