Bubble Magic For Hire

Bubble performers providing spectacular displays with bubble art of all shapes and sizes: corporate or private

The perfect blend of thrilling scientific mystery and stunning visual display, our brilliant bubble shows and immersive entertainment will engage and inspire guests of all ages. From live performances to bespoke workshops tailored to your specific event theme, our bubble acts are an unmissable event feature.


What type of bubble artist can I hire?

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of bubble artists for your event or party. Our bubble performers can create bubbles as big as cars, square bubbles, fire bubbles, put people inside giant bubbles and even bubbles within bubbles.

Some of our bubble artists are not only great performers and magicians but are also experienced chemists that can carry out workshops and teach audiences the art of bubble magic.

Do bubble magicians/artists need an assistant?

Most of our bubble magicians perform without the help of assistants, but in some instances, some of our magicians would require some technical help to carry out some of their tricks, especially those performances involving special effects, music and lighting.

What equipment is usually required by bubble magicians?

The basics are a soap solution and a bubble wand. Some tricks also require other equipment such as bubble machines or shaped moulds to create real masterpieces of bubble artistry.

Some artists only need their hands to make magic, and others make use of straws and even instruments like flutes to create amazing bubbles. In some instances, our bubble magicians enhance their performances using smoke machines and special lighting. 

They usually provide all their equipment, although occasionally they would require the venue to provide items such as plastic buckets for their soap solution.

How long can a bubble performer perform for?

Bubble shows vary in length to suit any events requirements. The average duration varies between 10 minutes up to one and a half hours. Most of our performers recommend to keep their stage shows short and followed by the interactive part of their act.

Can bubble artists customise their shows?

Our bubble performers and magicians are always looking for new ways to impress audiences and offer them a visually inspiring and unique experience. Most of our bubble artists can customise their show to suit your event needs. If you’re interested in knowing the most popular tricks among children or adults, contact our team today.

Do bubble artists interact with audiences?

At Scarlett Entertainment we offer different types of bubbles shows that adapt to your event’s requirements and your personal preferences. We can offer bubble shows that are 100% interactive and others that require the audience's’ participation only at certain moments. However, one of the most appealing aspects of this type of shows as an entertainment option is its interactive nature.

Do bubble artists offer walkabout acts?

Yes, although it will depend on the type of show you book. The possibilities are endless: some bubble performers offer only stage shows, others only interactive ones and others deliver very varied shows that are a combination of both. You could even integrate a bubble magic walkabout act with other another stage show. Our Entertainment Experts are more than happy to talk through complementary show options with you.

Does Scarlett Entertainment offer bubble workshops?

We offer a range of fun and exciting bubble workshops. Some of our bubble performers are more than happy to explain the science behind creating the perfect bubble. They offer workshops after their shows so people who wish to learn the basics of this art can join them backstage and learn some tips and tricks. You’ll be blowing wonderful bubble creations in no time!

How long does a bubble artist need to set up?

It all depends on the type of bubble show to be carried out and the type of tricks. Most bubble artists need one hour to set everything up. This time can vary depending on many factors like the number of artists involved in one show, the performance’s length or the equipment to be used. When booking an act we will always talk you through the technical and logistical requirements a show or act has.  

Can bubble magicians perform outside?

Some can and some cannot. For big bubble illusions, there cannot be any breeze at all, so in this instance, the show needs to be carried out indoors.  However, as we’re committed to providing you with the entertainment that best fits your requirements, some more 'street' bubble artists will be able to still perform outdoors.

Can bubble shows be performed indoors?

Absolutely. Scarlett Entertainment’s main aim is to offer shows that can completely adapt to your event’s requirements, including your venue. Most of our bubble artists offer indoor performances, although they require a minimum space to carry out some of their tricks, especially if they create giant bubbles. Be aware that usually no air conditioning can be switched on during performances taking place indoors.

How can bubble artists create square bubbles?

Each of our bubble magicians has their own techniques and methods to carry out their tricks. This, in particular, requires a silicone mould and, of course, a little bit of magic to happen.

What ages are appropriate for a bubble party?

Bubbles shows are a great entertainment option for all type of audiences regardless of age. Children love them and adults have a great time witnessing how big bubbles can get and the different magic tricks bubble artists can carry out. However, bubble shows are mainly enjoyed by little ones and are especially recommended for children between the ages of two and 12.

How much space is required to perform the show?

It all depends on the type of bubble show. Some of them require a big space or stage because they involve more than one artist, special effects, lighting and music. We will always be happy to talk through the space you have at your event, to ensure you have the most suitable entertainment option for your space.

What is the bubble mixture made from?

All our different bubble artists have their own soap solution. Generally, this mixture is made from two main ingredients: water and soap. However, in order to create resistant bubbles that don’t pop easily, each magician uses his/her own formula. Some of our bubble performers are also experienced chemists, so the bubbles are guaranteed to be elaborated following a professional and careful procedure.

Are the bubbles safe?

Absolutely. Safety is our bubble magicians’ number one priority. Interaction with audiences is very frequent in this type of spectacles, so all the material and soap solutions used are guaranteed to be completely safe.

What kind of tricks and games are utilised during the show?

Tricks of all types, colours and sizes! We offer you bubble performers and bubble magicians that specialise in different areas and that deliver different types of shows. Some of them are experts in giant bubbles, others produce hundreds of little bubbles, while some use technology to offer shows with thrilling lighting and special effects, some of our bubble magicians can perform a show that includes animals!

I am having a science-themed event - will a bubble magician be suitable?

In some cases. Some of our bubble magicians are chemists or have experience dealing with chemical solvents and they offer workshops after their shows to teach bubbles’ basic properties and other fun facts about them. Some of our bubble magicians also use their bubble shows as a way to explain physics, chemistry, geometry and even aerodynamics, so an educational bubble show can definitely be an entertainment option to consider when hosting a science-themed event.

Can a bubble magician fly to perform at an international event? 

Yes, definitely many bubble performers often only need a small amount of equipment for their shows. Scarlett Entertainment has bubble magicians at many locations around the world. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Specialists can advise you what the best option for your event is, but if you’re interested in booking a specific show We can offer you bubble magic shows for events worldwide.

Scarlett Entertainment has lots of bubble magicians - how do I select the best for my event?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with us and make our Event Coordinators aware of the type of event you’re hosting, the venue where the event is taking place and the budget allocated for the entertainment.

Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with all kinds of events and budgets and will wisely advise you on the bubble show or bubble magician that is the perfect fit for your needs. They will always take into consideration your preferences and your guests’ tastes and age.

What is the largest object your magicians can fit inside a bubble?

Our bubble magicians can fit objects the size of a car inside giant bubbles. But definitely the largest object – or better said – objects they can fit inside a bubble are a horse with a horse rider on top of it, a racing truck and very large groups of people.

Will the floor be slippery after a bubble show?  

It depends on the type of flooring. If your venue’s floor is covered with carpet, you won’t have to worry about this. However, hard surfaces are likely to become slippery after a bubble show. For this reason, most of our bubble magicians will request carpet staging whenever possible.

Can I hire a record-breaking bubble artist?  

Yes, you can book world-record-holding bubble experts! 

Some of our bubble magicians are not only award-winning artists but also world-record holders. Some of the records our bubble artists have broken include creating bubbles big enough to fit a racing truck, five tigers and four attendants or even 214 people within one giant bubble. Apart from that, our bubble performers love challenging themselves, so many of them are happy to be booked to break a new record - or at least to make an attempt to do so!

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