Free Running and Parkour Acts For Hire

Adrenaline fuelled urban acrobatic acts to amaze and inspire event guests: corporate or private

Combining acrobatics with site-specific physical theatre, our unique roster of free running parkour acts will blow audiences away with their agility, speed and performance quality. Bring cutting edge entertainment to your special event with this one of a kind display of urban athletics


Free Running and Parkour are two related but different forms of urban athletics. In both, practitioners run, climb and jump to move through an area, which is often a landscape crowded with obstacles to present a high impact, visually provoking sequence of movements.

Free Running combines the techniques of Parkour with acrobatics and gymnastics; they also prize creativity, self-expression and the ability to improvise. Whilst Parkour is a system of movement that takes the most direct route between two points, developed in urban environments. It can involve leaping over obstacles, climbing walls, or traveling along rooftops.

Our Free Running and Parkour performers bring together the exhilarating parkour and free running movements to provide jaw dropping entertainment for sporting events, TV and Film, Adverts, Promotional Events and much more. 

Performing bespoke choreographed performances; our free running and parkour freestylers can even perform in cutting edge L.E.D suits for maximum effect!

In high demand, they have already performed across the globe for major brands including Adidas, Shell, Vodafone, FIFA and Barclays and been featured in block buster movies such as James Bond Casino Royale, Harry Potter, Death Race and You got served.

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