Shadow Dancers For Hire

Elegant performances of shadow illusion and intricate dance movement for every event: corporate or private

Mesmerise guests with physical theatre art that both delights and astounds. Using complex choreography and expert shadow illusionism to create narratives and messaging that go beyond the limits of spoken word, shadow dance is a universally captivating act for every event.


Enchant and delight guests at your event with our incredible shadow dance shows, a truly captivating form of entertainment that will leave a lasting impression.

A thrilling combination of physical theatre, dance, and technological innovation, shadow dance is a unique and engaging form of performance art in which performers tell stories through a series of vignettes, creating silhouettes and shapes with their bodies in order to relay a narrative in a fascinating take on silent theatre.

Transcending cultural and linguistic barriers, our brilliant shadow dance acts are bound to create an impact at your event as they use their expertise for dance and acrobatics to produce a stunning visual phenomenon. In a seemingly never-ending kaleidoscope of pictures and scenes formed of artistically arranged bodies and carefully placed shadows, our talented performers will take audiences on a transcendental journey that will make your occasion truly memorable.

Demonstrating remarkable flexibility, precision and creativity, our shadow dancers are guaranteed to wow with their exceptional art form, and are ideal for corporate functions, ceremonies, gala dinners, product launches, exhibitions, and more.

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