Paparazzi Photographers For Hire

Skilled photographers providing entertaining roaming photography for events: corporate or private

Bring a fun entertainment edge to event photography with our incredibly popular fake paparazzi photographers for events. From teams of 'paps' waiting to greet and photograph guests as they arrive to full red carpet treatment photo moments and themed roaming photography, our skilled technicians bring glamour to events of all sizes around the world.


Surprise and delight guests at your next special occasion by treating them to the full celebrity red carpet treatment. Artfully uniting comedy entertainment and quality event photography, our handpicked theatrical roster of skilled ‘paps’ capture natural moments of excitement and laughter as each guest emerges from their vehicle or walks through the venue entrance. 

As the cameras flash, guests will enjoy feeling a million dollars as they make their way into the event. Our professional photographers will use the latest digital photography and the highest quality DSLR cameras to ensure that every special moment is documented. With options for instant digital download, private online galleries and on-site printing, our fantastic fake paparazzi offer the ideal entertainment solution for events of all sizes and themes.

Cherish every moment by hiring our skilled actors and pro photographers to set a luxury tone for your next event occasion from the very start. With a variety of themed costume options and entertainment styles, our unique fake paparazzi team will dazzle your guests with truly original meet and greet and walkabout entertainment. 

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