Paparazzi Photographers For Hire

Skilled photographers providing entertaining roaming photography for events: corporate or private

Bring a fun entertainment edge to event photography with our incredibly popular fake paparazzi photographers for events. From teams of 'paps' waiting to greet and photograph guests as they arrive to full red carpet treatment photo moments and themed roaming photography, our skilled technicians bring glamour to events of all sizes around the world.


Capture the magical moment that your guests realise they’re being recognised as the celebrity stars they truly are with our highly convincing and brilliantly entertaining fake paparazzi photographers. Using cutting edge photographic equipment, our sought after fake paps will surprise and delight arriving guests with a flurry of camera flashes and their names being called to experience their very own 15 minutes of fame.

With custom themed entertainment options that include old-school Hollywood, larger than life tabloid, elegant 1950’s and much more, we provide exceptional fake paparazzi performers that will ensure that every moment of guest joy and laughter is artfully documented.

Able to provide walkabout entertainment during an event along with unique meet and greet as each guest arrives, our fake paparazzi professionals set the tone of luxury indulgence intelligently combined with comedic entertainment to create event memories guests will cherish.

Hire fake paparazzi to follow your guests and experience world class celebrity treatment combined with hilarious comedic acting resulting in quality images that can be downloaded to a USB, printed on site, or uploaded to an exclusive event e-folder to provide truly original arts based giveaways with a high end creative edge.

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