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Amaze online audiences with interactive virtual magic shows delivered by internationally-acclaimed magicians and mentalists.

Virtual magicians and mentalists, as seen on top TV talent shows, make magic happen on-screen and in reality. Bring magic to Zoom meetings, remote team-building sessions and online corporate events with mind-boggling virtual magic shows.

Hire Virtual Magicians and Mentalists

So, what is a virtual magician? A virtual magician is a magician, mentalist or illusionist that performs online magic shows on popular video platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet. Virtual magicians perform unbelievable illusions on-screen and off-screen with the help of a live audience. 

Be part of a live, interactive virtual magic experience, specially designed with virtual audiences in mind, and share unforgettable moments with clients, colleagues, family and friends online. Many of our virtual magicians teach online guests magic tricks and illusions, empowering them to make magic happen in their own hands, in the comfort of their own home.

Book world-renowned iPad magician, Simon Pierro, and his epic virtual magic show that features the latest digital technology and tricks, AND has already stunned Zoom's CEO! Or delve into a digital magic experience with Britain's Got Talent star, Maddox Dixon. Such high-profile virtual magicians are the perfect headline act, for large-scale virtual events, including online corporate award ceremonies, virtual conferences and expos.

Discover our diverse roster of virtual magicians and mentalists, proven to beat Zoom fatigue and make online meetings exciting again, with engaging virtual magic experiences. 

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