Booking Latest Technology Acts

High-Tech Entertainment that will blow guests away

From robots with artificial intelligence to drone shows and LED walkabouts, our roster of the latest technology entertainment is sure to win guests over with incredible displays of future-facing effects. Transform your venue with immersive video mapping and impress with never-seen-before technology shows.

Booking Latest Technology Entertainment

High in demand, cutting edge technology acts offer visually impressive never-seen-before entertainment that is constantly progressing with new advancements in tech. A hugely exciting part of our roster, we love staying on top of the emerging technologies that can deliver mind-blowing entertainment for events. 

Why not re-imagine your entire venue with bespoke video mapping? Creating an immersive and animated environment, our video mapping specialists can create video mapping for cars, wedding cakes, stages, even entire stadiums! Going one step further, reality-bending VR, AR and holograms create multiple planes of imagery for compelling entertainment experiences that can take guests anywhere!

Fantastic for hyping up crowds in nightclubs, entertaining at private parties and drawing footfall at corporate events, robots offer a highly customisable high-tech entertainment option. We offer both real robots and realistic robotic suits that can be pre-programmed with specific messages, light shows, colour displays and more. Great for mix and mingle sets as well as on stage, guests can’t resist a photo opportunity with a robot!  

With endless cutting-edge tech available on our roster, browse poi illumination, multimedia shows, laser performances, digital magicians and more. Having worked with top global brands including, Audi and Range Rover, our latest technology acts guarantee to wow guests with truly innovative performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire LED dancers for my event?

Absolutely. We have an extensive and varied range of LED dancers on our roster to choose from. Our most popular are Tron dancers with fantastic futuristic suits. We have large collection of ballerinas that have LED lights built-in to their dresses to bring a whole new dimension to the classic performance. There are also dancers who are also percussionists and have LEDs about their person and in their drums. We also have some superb winged LED female dancers.

What types of video mapping can I hire?

Video mapping is the process of using spatial augmented reality to turn buildings, rooms, cars and products into a display surface for static images or moving animations.

Both flat and 3D surfaces can be used for video mapping. Depending on the object or space you’re looking to transform with video mapping, we can recommend certain types and artists. 

What is the difference between 3D video mapping and 4D video mapping?

The biggest difference between 3D and 4D video mapping displays is the fact that four-dimensional video mapping targets even more senses that three-dimensional video mapping. 4D video mapping targets sight, sound, smell and touch to create a fully immersive environment – an example of how 4D video mapping works is to imagine watching a 3D video mapping display that shows water going over the edge of the cliff, as you watch the water hit the floor and spray everywhere, audience members are squirted with water to simulate the feeling you would get if you were there in person. This added effect is the difference between 4D and 3D video mapping.

Can I hire a robot for my event?

Sure! Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide variety of robot shows to choose from. Whether you’re hosting a nightclub celebration, launching a high-end technology product or organising any type of corporate event requiring a futuristic touch, we can provide the robot that best fits your occasion. We have DJ robots who can get people into the groove; interactive roaming robots who can host your party; dancing robots who can perform explosive dance shows; stilt walking robots ideal for getting the attention of everybody in one room; combat robots that can be built by participants and that are a great team building experience, and more. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, robots never fail to turn heads.

Do you offer roaming entertainment with technology?

We do! Digital magicians are a popular choice for corporate events, conferences and trade shows. Performing mind-blowing digital magic on iPads, they can easily incorporate your logo, branding or key messages for maximum impact. 

Another excellent choice would be to book a roaming robot. Our walkabout robots can perform a diverse range of entertainment including taking photos, handing out samples, speaking, dancing, and can feature interactive screens. Real robots usually have cameras, touch sensors and microphones installed so people controlling them from the distance can properly respond to any question, gesture or action.

LED poi dancers are also great for customisation. Able to set their poi to display any colour, logo or shape, this simple yet futuristic act is highly impactful in low light.

I am launching a new technology product, do you have ideas for entertainment?

Multimedia shows where video mapping is layered over live dancers or other performers is always highly dramatic, as are laser shows and immersive video mapped environments. We can also offer acts that incorporate your product, or even recreate it in hologram form! Speak to us about custom content to launch your product with a bang!

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