Hire a ballet dancer in the US

Bring classic elegance and sophistication to your event with our range of superb ballet dancers

Enchant your guests with our exceptionally talented classical and contemporary ballet dancers as they perform spectacular routines featuring synchronised choreography, complex point work and pas de deux.

Why hire a ballet dancer?

Ballet is a beautiful art form with lots of versatility. From romantic and classical to neoclassical and contemporary, our ballerina dancers specialise in multiple styles and can adapt their acts to tie in seamlessly with your event. Whether you’re looking for ambient entertainment or a show stopping main stage performance, our acts can do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ballet acts do you offer?

Our roster features the highest calibre of dancers from all over the world. From LED ballerinas and hip hop ballerinas to full-scale themed ballet productions, we have a myriad of acts suited to all event types with the scope to be customised to your needs.

Can I hire a bespoke package?

Absolutely! Our wonderful Custom Creations team can bring your vision to spectacular reality from concept all the way to performance. Depending on your preferences, our team can cast dancers alongside live musicians and aerialists to add multiple layers to your entertainment and really blow your guests away.

Can I hire a ballet dancer outside of the US?

Of course! You can hire any dancer on our roster regardless of your location, subject to availability. If you’re holding an event overseas and require local dancers, our Entertainment Experts can handpick quality acts from our roster as well as scout new talent to ensure you have options that fulfil your brief and location requirements.

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