Hire a can can dancer in the US

Elevate your event with an extraordinary can can dance performance

Treat your guests to an evening of authentic Parisian entertainment with our wonderful can can dancers as they deliver show stopping routines to high-octane sound tracks and leave guests in astonishment.

Why hire a can can dance act?

Our energetic can can dancers can create a lively atmosphere with their fast paced routines and are guaranteed to attract attention the minute they step on stage. From their authentically flamboyant costumes to their impressively high kicks, our dancers can deliver fun and engaging entertainment to suit all kinds of events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can can dance acts do you offer?

Our roster features the very best can can dancers from all over the world with the skills, experience and talent to entertain audiences at all kinds of events. From our French themed dancers with their elaborate can can routines to our Parisian cabaret shows offering can can, fan dance and showgirl numbers.

What can I expect from a can can dance?

An extravagant showcase of mind blowing talent featuring high kicks, splits, turns, cartwheels and fascinating manipulation of skirts. Our can can dances feature creative choreography, colourful authentic costumes and a cast of performers who deliver passionate performances with infectious energy.

Can I hire a can can dancer outside of the US?

Absolutely! We have an extensive roster of can can performers all over the world so if you’re interested in an international act for your event in the USA, please get in touch. Our Entertainment Experts can liaise with the artist to discuss availability and transport which in some cases is included in the cost.

Can Can Dancers New York
Featured Act

Spotlight on Can Can Dancers New York

Deliver an unforgettable evening of entertainment with our incredible Can Can Dancers as they put on a spectacular display of synchronised high kicks and skirt manipulation that will leave your guests totally amazed. Featuring fabulous costumes, choreography and a collective of talented performers, this act is certain to make a lasting impression on guests and make your celebration one to remember. Based in New York, this act is available for hire throughout America and worldwide.

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