Ice Shows For Hire

Enchanting ice shows offering spectacular performances for events of all scales and themes: corporate or private

Immerse guests in a world of enchanting ice performance by booking world class ice productions and acts. Beautifully costumed performances of flexibility and agility delight audiences with versatile options of synthetic ice and bespoke venue stages to suit every event.


Banish any thoughts that ice shows are reserved for winter and winter alone! Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of incredible ice performances that use both real ice and synthetic ice allowing for the ultimate in versatility and ensuring that, big or small, no event will be deprived of a fabulous ice show!

The latest technology means that synthetic or real ice floors can be easily transported and fitted into any venue, from intimate spaces of only a few metres to huge arenas and can also be used both indoors and outdoors – even when the sun is beating down.

If it can be performed on stage it can be performed on ice! Our huge roster of ice shows encompasses a menagerie of themes: folklore and fairytales including Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella, Bollywood and Arabian Nights; Winter themed; Circus and much more. Many of our performance groups can also create bespoke shows that can incorporate any theme or story of choice as well as additional performers such as aerialists and magicians!

Dazzling costumes, elegant choreographies, breathtaking lifts and jumps, lightening fast spins, elaborate and detailed props and backdrops and soundtracks that will capture your hearts are all to be looked forward to with our ice shows. 

Perfect for casinos, holiday parks, shopping malls, public celebrations and festivals and production presentations our world-class ice shows will not fail to delight international audiences!