Looking for an exciting and innovative way to motivate, engage and inspire your delegates? At Scarlett Entertainment we have a huge array of unique team building activities that will pave the way to success for your team!

Designed to test your team’s problem-solving abilities, decisiveness and decision-making, ability to create a solid strategy and at the same time teach them new skills and building stronger interpersonal relationships our team building activities come in a range of forms from corporate centric challenges to unusual workshops that think a little bit outside of the box. 

Many of our team building activities can be tailored in a number of ways to suit your needs, incorporating specific themes and tasks or can be created completely from scratch.  Delegates may find themselves having to solve a surprise challenge with only a video message containing clues and an iPad or working together to build a boat, soapbox cart, tower or create a piece of music or artwork! Alternatively, team building workshops can take the form of learning about new cultures and instruments culminating in a collective performance. 

Our team building activities and workshops aim to give participants a sense of achievement and self-worth, increasing their morale and adding to their personal development.

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