Belly dancers for hire in the US

Enhance your event experience with captivating belly dancers

Enjoy a spectacular display of elaborate costumes and high energy performances with our professional belly dancers. Featuring scintillating solo performances and gorgeous group routines, our roster has a stellar selection of acts available to hire for corporate and private events throughout the US.

Why hire professional belly dancers?

Our beautiful belly dancers will bring a touch of Eastern culture to any occasion, showcasing a range of complex belly dance moves to impress your guests. Whether you are looking for entertainment for a private party, wedding, cultural event, festival, corporate function, or a ceremony; a spectacular belly dance performance is certain to leave a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is belly dance?

Belly dance has its roots in Ancient Egypt, but has since evolved to incorporate a range of styles. It is characterised by fluid movements of the belly and rapid gyration of the hips and involves curving patterns, thrusts, lifts, locks and drops.

What can I expect from a belly dance performance?

An incredible show featuring impressive choreography, gorgeous costumes and exciting performance elements including sword dancing and fire tricks. Our professional belly dancers go above and beyond to deliver enchanting performances packed full of exciting content to entertain guests.

How can I find belly dancers near me?

To search belly dancers for hire in your local area simply enter any relevant keywords and your location in the search bar at the top of the page. This will bring up a page of relevant results which you can also narrow down using the dropdown filters on the left hand side of the page.

Can I rent a belly dancer outside of the US?

Of course! Our global talent roster lends itself to international hire so if you’re interested in belly dancers for hire outside of the US, we can help. Similarly, if you’re hosting an event overseas and require local talent, our Entertainment Experts can handpick artists from our roster in accordance with your venue location.

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Take your event entertainment by storm with our award-winning belly dance troupe featuring authentic costumes and choreography that are certain to turn heads. Glamorous and elegant, these dancers move with fluidity and precision and create a stunning visual spectacle for audiences to behold. Based in Hollywood, our Belly Dance Collective are available for hire throughout America and worldwide.

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