Speed, Spray or Glitter Painters For Hire

Hire Speed, Spray or Glitter Painters to Wow the Event Crowd: Corporate or Private

Pulse racing speed, captivating ingenuity and colour explosions that never fail to amaze; our speed, spray and glitter painters are on hand with their unique combinations of varied live performance and unique artistic creation.


Our award winning speed painters are the ideal act for events that require fast paced, unique, high energy, wow factor entertainment! 

Not just any live art show, our speed and glitter painters can incorporate elements of comedy, dance, singing and live music into their shows to create something truly unique and special. Audiences will be on the edges of their seats as they eagerly anticipate the grand reveal at the performance’s finale! 

Our highly skilled artists can paint large portraits of iconic figures, celebrities, company logos and even CEOs in less than ten minutes and can incorporate all manner of branding and bespoke designs making them the perfect choice for corporate events celebrations and product launches. Some of our acts have also devised UV luminous art shows that work perfectly at blackout venues and clubs. 

Though they may be some of the fastest painters in the world, our speed and glitter artists don’t compromise on quality and their artworks have gone on to raise as much as $100,00 each at auctions for charity.  

Why not treat your guests to one of your artists’ spellbinding performances that have already wowed audiences at events for clients such as BMW, Pfizer, L’Oreal, Audi and Dior.

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