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LED Drummers

LED Drummers

A top-tier team of performers blending powerful drumming, energetic choreography, dazzling lighting design, and exquisite costumes
These highly versatile drummers will craft a custom, site-specific performance just for you.
They can perform indoors or outdoors, offering both stationary and roaming sets, or a mix of the two.
Choose between 5 and 12 performers, and the lighting design can be customized to match your branding or color scheme.
Ideal for small to large-scale corporate events, street theater festivals, sporting events, and carnival parades worldwide


Book LED Drummers to WOW Your Guests

Our LED Drummers deliver a magical live show featuring music, movement, and lighting that transforms any setting. These mysterious characters, made of light and sound, take the audience on a colorful, dreamlike journey with intense drumming, dynamic choreography, stunning lighting, and fantastical costumes.

Walkabout LED Drummers Creating an Interactive Experience

The LED Drummers constantly shift the show’s focal point, engaging with and surrounding the audience to make them feel part of the unfolding theatrics. The performance builds in intensity, peaking with a dramatic blend of light, sound, smoke, and movement.

Customizable LED Drumming Show for Any Occasion

This medium-scale, site-specific show by The LED Drummers is designed to adapt to various settings like streets, town squares, parks, stages, and indoor spaces. They make an impressive addition to any event, from carnival parades to corporate gatherings.

Hire the LED Drummers for Worldwide Events

The show appeals to international audiences of all ages. The number of viewers is limited only by the venue size. The LED Drummers are fully self-contained, with all lights and power supplies built into their costumes and controlled wirelessly, ensuring minimal technical requirements and maximum mobility.

To learn more about booking this WOW factor entertainment option, contact our team of Entertainment Specialists who will be happy to discuss the LED drumming group further.

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