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Whether you’re looking to hire a circus for a party or corporate event, we’ve got a collection of show-stopping acts for you to choose from. Discover our sensational solo circus performers featuring top-tier aerialists, stilt walkers and contortionists or our full scale cirque troupes showcasing various circus skills for added spectacle.

Why hire circus entertainment?

Circus shows are long established and an excellent form of entertainment. They’re playful, daring, weird and wonderful and a huge hit among audiences in America. Thanks to Cirque du Soleil and The Greatest Showman, circus events have become increasingly popular and the demand for circus acts is higher than ever.

From vintage-inspired to contemporary circus, we have a range of themes to suit all kinds of occasions. Our eclectic roster of unique circus entertainers are extremely versatile and can adapt their act to suit your requirements. What’s more, our Custom Creations team can create a concept tailored specifically to your event - from colourful family-friendly shows to edgy twisted cirque parades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of circus entertainment do you offer?

We have circus performers for hire that are suited to every occasion, venue, and event. Contortionists, acrobats, aerialists, clowns, jugglers, and Chinese circus troupes are just some of the awesome acts we have to offer.

Our circus entertainers can be booked as solo, duo, or trio acts or as part of a huge production cast. Our acts can perform walkabout sets, immersive shows, meet and greets, ambient entertainment or a main stage showcase. There’s something to suit every setting from a small-scale event right the way up to a huge extravaganza.

Is a circus act right for my event?

Our circus acts are highly adaptable and can be easily altered to fit into your event. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or eccentric, you can find it right here. Ambient or main stage, our roster has a collection of acts that work exceptionally well at corporate and private events and can be toned down or scaled up to suit your exact requirements.

Do you offer themed circus shows?

We do! Vintage circus, under the sea, African savanna and halloween freak shows are just a few of the many themed circus shows we have to offer. If you’ve got a particular theme in mind for your event entertainment then please do get in touch - our Custom Creations team are experts when it comes to bringing themes to life.

Can I hire circus acts outside of the US?

Yes! Our global roster has acts situated in every corner of the world which means you can hire any circus act on our roster regardless of your location. If you’re hosting an event outside of the US, then let us know - our Entertainment Experts can handpick high quality acts close to your event location to reduce travel costs and environmental impact.

Mothmen Aerial Dance Show
Featured Act

Spotlight on Mothmen Aerial Dance Show

Take your event to new heights with our high-flying aerial dance act. Featuring dancers, aerialists, flyers, and acro-artists, this act is a show-stopper guaranteed to grab attention. As seen on America’s Got Talent, Mothmen Aerial Dance Show is innovative and inspiring and available for hire throughout Indiana and all over the world.

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CASE STUDY: Le PeTIT CiRqUe dazzle audiences at Dubai Shopping Festival

Audiences at the City Centre Mirdif Mall were in for a treat when our little Cirque du Soleil stars performed a spellbinding circus show to celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival. Huge crowds formed to watch young circus performers aged 6-16 showcase their incredible talent - and they were not disappointed. The troupe created a magical atmosphere as they demonstrated a host of impressive feats and were met with huge applause.

Le PeTIT CiRqUe are based in California and are always in demand for themed circus events and corporate and private functions throughout the world. Their ability to adapt their shows to suit any theme makes them extremely popular and a firm favourite among clients.

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Daniela’s top tips for hiring circus acts

Things to consider before hiring circus entertainment
Determine your event goals

Before you look into hiring circus performers for your event, you should have a clear idea of your event goals. How do you want your guests to be entertained? Do you want a walkabout act that wow’s guests at their tables, or do you want to surprise them with a show-stopping main stage display? Knowing this ahead of time will enable you to filter your search and find the acts you’re actively seeking out.


Almost all our circus acts for hire can be customised to suit your event requirements. This can include themes, costumes, performance length, set list, lineup and much more. So if you’ve got a particular act in mind but would like to tailor certain elements to tie in better with your event, that’s no problem. Our circus entertainers are extremely accommodating and are happy to adapt their act to best suit your needs.

Unique Juggling Act

New and Exciting Circus Entertainment

Leave a lasting impression on guests with our Unique Juggling Act, a mesmerising mix of dance, acrobatics, and juggling as seen on America’s Got Talent. Fronted by an award-winning cirque performer with a wealth of professional experience, this act is sure to make an impact at any event.

Based in Miami, our Unique Juggling Act can dazzle audiences at corporate and private events across America and customise his performance in line with your requirements.

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Who are some famous Circus Entertainment?

  • Viktor Kee - AGT Juggling Act The history of the modern circus dates back to the 18th-century, but when most people think of the circus nowadays, Cirque du Soleil springs to mind. Cirque du Soleil is the largest contemporary circus producer in the world; in Las Vegas alone, 9,000 people watch a Cirque du Soleil show every night! A notable Cirque du Soleil performer is Viktor Kee (pictured) as seen on America's Got Talent. Viktor is renowned for his utterly mesmerising routines that beautifully blend acrobatics, dance and juggling, all seamlessly synchronised to music. The result is beguiling and a remarkable reinvention of juggling as we know it.