Oli The Choc - Virtual

Oli The Choc - Virtual

Our skilled and enthusiastic chocolatier Oli will guide you through every step of the process to create your own chocolate masterpiece.
Our live-streamed workshops are available to teams worldwide and can cover skills like tempering, molding, piping, and bowl-licking!
We can accommodate groups of various sizes, from small, intimate sessions to large teams of hundreds, all making their chocolates simultaneously.
Customizable kits, complete with ingredients and tools, can be sent out ahead of time with clear instructions not to open them until the session starts!
Lollipops, full-size chocolate bars, and gourmet chocolate truffles are among the options available, and all can be customized to match your event theme.

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Virtual FAQs

1. What's included in Oli the Choc's virtual workshop?

Oli the Choc offers a fun, step-by-step guide to making some tasty chocolate treats. Here are the current options:

- Chocolate Lollipops

- Chocolate Truffles

- Chocolate Bars

- Chocolate Pizzas

2. How long does the virtual event last?

The virtual sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the chosen activity. However, Oli is happy to tailor the class to meet your needs.

3. Can the session be customized?

Yes, Oli enjoys working with new ideas, getting creative, and adapting to any theme you have in mind.

4. What do guests need for the session?

Your guests will receive chocolate kit boxes ahead of the virtual event, containing all the ingredients needed to participate! These kits can be branded with your company name if desired. Guests will just need everyday household items like bowls, a microwave or stove, and spoons.

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