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Discover awesome virtual entertainment ideas fantastic for corporate and private events

Are you holding an event online and looking for ways to keep your audience engaged? We’ve got a brilliant collection of virtual entertainment for corporate events that is guaranteed to have all attendees in high spirits.

Why hire virtual event entertainment?

Online events are on the rise and as a result the demand for virtual entertainment has increased. Virtual entertainment is a fantastic way to boost attendance, increase engagement and encourage participation at online events. It works especially well for virtual corporate events including online conferences, expos and team meetings as well as private events when wanting to celebrate a special occasion remotely with loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What virtual event entertainment do you offer?

From virtual party bands and online DJs to virtual wine tasting and online cooking workshops, there is a fantastic variety to choose from when it comes to remote entertainment. Our acts offer a fully interactive experience in real time and offer an exciting alternative to live event entertainment.

Are virtual acts live or pre-recorded?

The great thing about virtual entertainment is that it can be live or pre-recorded. Some of our virtual shows are best experienced live as our virtual entertainers thrive off audience reactions and often invite guests to become part of their routine. On the other hand, pre-recorded videos can be used as a virtual invite to an event to drum up excitement or integrated within an event schedule to pay tribute to a particular individual.

Can virtual event entertainment be customised?

Absolutely! Our virtual entertainers can tailor their act to suit your needs from incorporating company logos to using branded green screens. We have a superb selection of themed virtual entertainment ideas on our roster to celebrate all kinds of holidays from Easter to Halloween to Christmas.

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When it comes to hiring virtual entertainment for corporate events, an event speaker is a great place to start. Setting the tone and keeping guests engaged with his inspirational wisdom and genuine charisma, our Virtual Event Host is the perfect addition to any online conference, award ceremony or meeting. Renowned throughout the world for his hosting abilities and varied skill set in real life and the virtual sphere, our Virtual Event Host will go above and beyond to make your online event a memorable one.

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