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Elevate your online event with epic virtual entertainment. From live shows and pre-recorded acts to team-building activities and interactive workshops, we have a spectacular roster to choose from to ensure your event is one to remember.

Why hire virtual event entertainment?

Virtual entertainment is here to stay and we’ve got a brilliant catalogue of acts at the ready to take your online event by storm. Whether you’re looking to keep your online attendees engaged for the duration of your event with a comedy host, provide your remote workers with a creative outlet through arts & crafts workshops, or celebrate a special occasion with a virtual party band, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What virtual entertainment ideas do you offer?

We have a superb variety of virtual acts on our roster that can be tailored to suit a vast range of events. Featuring event speakers, party bands, magicians, comedians, sand artists, calligraphy, DJs, virtual wine tasting and cooking masterclasses, our roster is the go-to place for impactful and engaging online experiences.

Are virtual acts live or pre-recorded?

Depending on your requirements you can request live or pre-recorded virtual entertainment for your event. Our virtual shows are best experienced live and often involve audience interaction and participation, while our pre-recorded acts can be used before an event to drum up excitement and during, to pay tribute to a particular individual or celebrate a key company milestone.

Can virtual event entertainment be customised?

Absolutely! Our virtual acts are incredibly scalable and can be adapted to suit your event requirements. Whether you require particular costumes, line up, soundtrack or choreography, many of our virtual acts will be able to accommodate your requests. In the same way, our virtual entertainers can incorporate company logos into their routine whilst performing in front of customisable backdrops and green screens.

Virtual Mentalist Lior Suchard
Featured Act

Spotlight on Virtual Mentalist Lior Suchard

Shock and surprise your guests with our Virtual Mentalist as he connects with guests through a screen, reading their thoughts and influencing their actions. With numerous TV appearances including The Tonight Show and Eurovision and over 600 virtual shows under his belt, our Virtual Mentalist is a highly sought after act for remote corporate and private events all over the world.

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