Juggling and Diablo Acts For Hire

Stunning juggling and diablo acts to bring the thrill of the circus to your event: corporate or private

Skilfully fusing traditional skill with contemporary performance, our world class juggling and diablo acts are a cirque sensation. With an extensive roster of sought after acts, choose from a variety of adaptable themes and act styles to suit any scale and theme of event.


Juggling has been a hugely popular form of entertainment for thousands of years; an art form filled with exciting props, dynamic movements and an incredibly high skill level it is no wonder that it has stood the test of time!

From the traditional circus style, to comedy juggling, LED juggling, gentleman juggling, Diabolo juggling and the more recently developed contact juggling, Scarlett Entertainment has a wealth of expert performers that will add excitement and fun to your event. Whether you want to impress guests with a fast-pasted technical performance, incite laughter and smiles or add a touch of sophistication with a theatrical act incorporating gentleman’s attire, one of our adept jugglers will be on hand to help!

Completely versatile in its nature – with usually one or two performers and a range of easily transportable props – juggling provides a fun visual spectacle suitable for almost any event. From mix and mingle acts at festivals and private parties, to stage shows at high-end corporate events and theatres, all of our jugglers can adapt their acts to create your desired aesthetic and atmosphere. 

A universal form of entertainment that appeals to audiences of all ages and nationalities having a juggler at your event will make it utterly memorable!

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