Specialising in providing the best world music options for events around the globe, at Scarlett Entertainment we have a diverse range of acts stemming from a diverse range of cultures. 

Whether you’re looking for a high-energy stage production featuring all manner of performers or dedicated music or dance show; melodious background music to create ambience; a cultural performance with educational elements or a cultural workshop we’ll have something to suit your event needs. 

From traditional Korean musicians playing the Kayagum, to Moroccan folklore dancers performing the Oujda, Tamazight and Sahraouian; from Welsh Morris dancers in authentic dress to New Zealand Maori dancers performing and teaching the Haka; from Medieval singers bringing to life long-forgotten times, to a traditional Iranian band our acts span across all four corners of the world. 

Offering entertainment suitable for after-dinner shows, cultural festivals, shopping malls and gala dinners, our world music acts will delight guests, create a great talking point and be a sensational addition to your event!

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