Perfume Workshop

Perfume Workshop

A fantastic teambuilding activity and luxury workshop to dive into will have you smelling of roses
Create your own bespoke perfume with this customisable perfume experience
A perfume workshop that allows guests to create your own perfume using 21 blends of different scents that complement the individual perfectly
Can accommodate 50-1000 guests
Based in Brighton and available for worldwide bookings

Perfume Workshop PHOTOS

A unique and memorable experience that gifts guests with the opportunity to create their very own bespoke perfume to complement their tastes and style perfectly. Create your own perfume from a selection of 21 scents and watch as this teambuilding activity brings workforces together during this personal perfume experience.

With a world class Master Perfumer, your delegates will stop by the bar to sample our 21 blends whereby they will start selecting their favourite scents with the help of our perfume stylists to guide and create the perfect bespoke perfume.

Your guests and delegates can design their own fragrance and take it home with them on the day. A fun and luxurious service that can be tailored to suit private parties, corporate events, teambuilding activities and any occasion that desires a VIP activity and personable experience that is fast, fun and highly interactive. 

Each and every perfume recipe is recorded in a fragrance library so that your guests and delegates can reorder their fragrances again and again! An express master class perfume workshop that can cater for 50 – 1000 guests is the perfect feature to have at a beauty brand launch, corporate event, teambuilding day or to offer as a reward incentive to your delegates.

Booking Tips: Reward your employees with a VIP activity that will bring work colleagues together and provide them with a luxurious opportunity to create their own bespoke perfume.

  • Create your own fragrance from sampling 21 blends of scents 
  • Perfume stylists expertly guide each guest throughout the process of creating their own scent
  • Perfumes are hand blended to be taken away on the day
  • A perfume bar that can cater for 50-1000 guests is perfect for large events
  • Glass perfume bottle customisation options are also available at an additional cost
  • Also offer perfume master classes for 10-100 guests 
  • Perfect for teambuilding activities, corporate events, brand launches and beauty brands

To create your own perfume and provide the ultimate reward for your employees contact our Entertainment Specialists to book this incredible experience today. 

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