Cossack Dancers For Hire

Eastern European tradition meets astounding modern performance quality for your event: private or corporate

Hire our trained Cossack dancers for a  captivating experience of traditional Ukrainian performance. Our Cossack dance acts offer unique gymnastic skill and exciting choreography teamed with the majestic music of Eastern Europe.


Bring a traditional Eastern European feel to your event with our wonderful selection of authentic Cossack dancers.

The national dance of Ukraine, Cossack, also known as Hopak or Gopak, is a high impact, choreographed dance that gives the appearance of improvisation, and features a series of impressive acrobatic moves performed to traditional music in order to create an infectious atmosphere of energy and celebration.

Sure to provide audiences at your event with a unique and unforgettable experience, our highly skilled performers will amaze and delight your guests with incredible gymnastic tumbles, split jumps, breath-taking spins, high leaps, and of course the infamous Cossack squats and kicks!

A truly dynamic and exciting form of entertainment, our dancers are dedicated to delivering an authentic and professional performance every time, and with a great selection to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect act for bringing a taste of Ukrainian culture to your event.

Ideal for festivals, private parties, ceremonies, themed occasions, corporate functions, cultural events and more.

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