Flamenco Dancers For Hire

Bring dynamic Spanish culture and emotive performance to your event: corporate or private

The grace and dynamism of classical Spanish dance is world renowned. Hire our specialist latin dance acts to bring your event to life. Poise and elegance combine with complex choreography and authentic costumes to make a truly outstanding event feature.


Give guests at your event a taste of the vibrant culture of Spain with our sensational flamenco dancers.

A true Spanish art form, and one of the most characteristic elements of the country’s culture, flamenco is an emotional and beautiful style of dance, featuring lightning fast footwork performed with expert precision, as dancers interpret the traditional flamenco music into a series of passionate movements.

Known for its intensity, grace, and sensuality; flamenco makes for a compelling visual spectacle, and will have audiences at your event utterly spellbound as our talented performers deliver truly extraordinary entertainment through their gorgeous routines.

There are many different styles of this striking dance, and with a fantastic roster of flamenco acts, we are able to provide a wide variety to suit every event type. Whether you are looking for an authentic performance featuring the typical flamenco dresses, castanets, shawls, and fans, or a stripped-back modern approach, our excellent acts can provide it.

Ideal for private parties, weddings, festivals, corporate functions, ceremonies, themed events and more; our outstanding flamenco dancers are sure to create an impact at your event.

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