Providing an elegant and sophisticated musical backdrop, our roster of heavenly harpists can perform a range of musical styles, which include classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and film scores to create an interesting and eclectic collection that will suit most events.

Adding a distinct level of stylishness to their surroundings, harpists give any event an air of magical sophistication that will add to the special memories of your day. Popular for weddings, drinks receptions, corporate functions and more; the harp is also a beautiful and aesthetically stunning instrument to look at, and with a well-presented harpist by its side, always creates quite a stir at any kind of special event! 

Perfect for small gatherings, as well as taking centre stage at larger events, our professional harp players can also count royalty, dignitaries and celebrities amongst their previous clients including Sir Paul McCartney, Andrea Bocelli and Russell Watson.

Varying their line up to perfectly suit your event, any of our harpists can perform with additional accompanying musicians, including pianist, guitarist, flautists and classical singers. In addition to this, our roster also contains some contemporary and unique options, including glass harpists, electric harpists and event laser harpists!

With something for every event, our harpists provide beautiful, romantic and emotional music with great professionalism.

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