Transport audiences back to the 1940s in an instant with pin-up girls, tap and Charleston dancers, tributes to Vera Lyn, USO themed acts and vintage DJs using original 1930s gramophones and shellac discs!

Taking audiences on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with music of the 1940s – the music that inspired a generation – our musical performance group’s soaring vocal performances of wartime classics and jazz favourites will provide the perfect accompaniment to weddings, historical events, vintage festivals, veterans days and 1940s themed events.

From solo vocalists to big bands, to tap, jive, Charleston and lindy hop dancers our acts can tailor their sets and line-ups to suit events big and small. They can meet and greet guests dressed in all their vintage attire, as well as perform high-end stage shows with incredible live singing, dancing and acting. Offering authentic 1940s themed entertainment as well as swinging takes on contemporary styles there really is no audience they won’t charm!

Whether you want to create a relaxed ambience for an intimate cocktail lounge or impress guests with a dance-floor filling salute to the great classics of the 1940s, at Scarlett Entertainment we’ll have something perfect for you.

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