An innovative and fun way to serve your guests as opposed to traditional waiters and waitresses, living tables and candy girls offer a novel experience that will delight guests. 

Dressed in all their finery, our living tables and candy girls will be on hand to extend a warm welcome to guests and mix and mingle during the event serving hot and cold canapés and drinks from their elegant tables! Ideal for private parties, corporate functions and drinks receptions that are in need of a little wow factor, our acts make for an impressive visual spectacle.  

Our extensive roster boasts a wide range of characters and themes to chose from, and if what you’re looking for doesn’t already exist many of our acts are able to develop bespoke costumes that can incorporate specific colours, props and branding. LED costumes and trays are also available and are the perfect addition for evening events. 

Whilst living tables are able to walk around your event offering a wider range of appetisers with large tables that are positioned around their costumes, candy girls offer greater versatility with more easily transportable skirt tables in the style of vendor trays! 

Able to serve any combination of sweet treats, canapés and beverages, our living tables and candy girls offer eye-catching, versatile entertainment for all kinds of events. 

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