If you want to impress audiences with an eclectic combination of acts performing side-by-side in one outstanding stage performance, look no further than one of our exclusive multimedia shows! 

Incorporating 3D animation and video projection, light painting, all manner of acrobats and dancers our multimedia shows are a menagerie of performance arts, old and new, that have combined together to create a sensational visual spectacle. 

Theatrical, dramatic and captivating each show sees professional performance artists meet technology in the form of LED costumes, laser manipulation and interactive video projection. As traditional meets modern, an amazing visual spectacle unfolds that will have audiences on the edges of their seats. 

Bespoke scenarios, graphics, music, images and branding can be incorporated into the shows in all kinds of forms making for a fascinating and unique performance ideal for product launches, corporate events, awards ceremonies, after dinner shows and public events.

Whatever the occasion, one of our multimedia shows is sure to fit the bill!

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