Capoeira Dancers For Hire.

Bring the vibrant energy of Brazilian capoeira dance to your event: private or corporate

Access the vibrance of martial arts performance with our joyful capoeira dance acts. Enjoy South American percussion teamed with dynamic movement  as our martial arts dancers transport your guests to Brazil along with them.


Thrill your guests with traditional Brazilian entertainment in the form our highly talented capoeira dancers.

A martial art originating in Brazil that combines elements of acrobatics and dance, capoeira is a unique phenomenon that is recognised for its musicality and the fluidity of its movements, making for a truly engaging and enthralling display at your event. 

Featuring quick and complex moves including kicks, spins, and punches, this dance style is performed with grace and rhythm, and our expert performers demonstrate incredible strength, flexibility, and power as they put on an exhilarating show that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

An important part of Brazilian culture, this martial arts infused dance will bring a true taste of the vibrant country to your event, be it a festival, a private party, a corporate function, a themed occasion, a ceremony, etc.

Guaranteed to make your special occasion stand out above the rest, our excellent capoeira dancers will supply your function with the wow factor and a totally electric atmosphere.

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