Hire a snake dancer in the UAE

Leave your guests totally transfixed with a hypnotic snake dance performance

Immediately grab the attention of your audience with our spellbinding snake dancers as they perform unique and theatrical routines featuring exotic movement and extraordinary snake handling.

Why hire a snake dancer?

Snake dancing is an unusual act that never fails to impress and is perfect for a large range of events. From interactive walkabout performances to show stopping main stage performances, our snake dancers are incredibly scalable and can adapt their routines to suit your venue, guest type and entertainment requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a dance with snakes?

A performance like no other filled with passion, style and seduction. Our snake dancers are highly skilled performers with the ability to intertwine their movements with the snakes to create a visually stunning spectacle. From beautiful belly dance technique to enchanting snake charming, our snake dance acts are an incredible sight to behold.

Can I hire a bespoke package?

Absolutely! Our incredible Custom Creations team can create bespoke packages from scratch so if you’re looking for customised entertainment, you’re in the right place. Taking care of everything from concept and casting to costume and choreography, our team will ensure your event entertainment is personalised from start to finish.

Can I hire a snake dancer outside of the UAE?

Of course! Our global roster lends itself to international hire so if you’re interested in an act outside of the UAE, we can help! In the same way, if you’re holding an event overseas and require local talent, our Entertainment Experts can scout snake dance acts in the area and provide you with quality options that align with your location and event requirements.

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