Hire jump rope dancers in the UAE

Elevate your event with an exhilarating jump rope performance

Browse our roster and discover magnificent double dutch jump rope acts for your corporate or private event. Featuring impressive tricks, fierce footwork and jaw-dropping physical feats, this unique art form is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on guests.

Why hire jump rope dancers?

Jump rope is an exciting form of entertainment that blends hip hop, acrobatics, gymnastics and breakdancing moves into a fast-paced skipping routine. Its energetic nature is infectious and makes for fantastic entertainment for all kinds of occasions. From festivals and sporting events to corporate functions and private parties, our double dutch dancers can adapt their routines to suit any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is jump rope dancing?

Jump rope dance involves two ropes turning in opposite directions whilst one or more jumpers jump simultaneously. The jumpers perform slick routines featuring advanced tricks, impressive stunts and dynamic dance moves whilst maintaining incredible coordination and timing.

What can I expect from a double dutch jump rope act?

A high energy performance filled with exciting content including dance, acrobatics and gymnastics. Our dancers are outstanding performers who know how to entertain and perform with tons of infectious enthusiasm that is guaranteed to get guests up on their feet.

Can I hire double dutch dancers outside of the UAE?

Absolutely! Our extensive roster features show stopping acts in every corner of the world so if you’re looking for jump rope dancers located outside of the UAE, you’re in the right place. In the same way, if you’re hosting an event overseas and require local talent then please let us know. Our Entertainment Experts can handpick incredible double dutch performers from our roster in accordance with your location.

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