Paparazzi Photographers For Hire

Skilled photographers providing entertaining roaming photography for events: corporate or private

Bring a fun entertainment edge to event photography with our incredibly popular fake paparazzi photographers for events. From teams of 'paps' waiting to greet and photograph guests as they arrive to full red carpet treatment photo moments and themed roaming photography, our skilled technicians bring glamour to events of all sizes around the world.


Ensure that your event stands out from the entertainment crowd with our highly convincing fake paparazzi performers. Treat arriving guests to a full red carpet celebrity experience complete with a thrilling flurry of camera flashes and fake paps clamouring for their attention as they make their way into the venue feeling like a million dollars.

Our skilled entertainers are both experienced performers as well as highly skilled photographers who are able to effortlessly set a luxury Hollywood style ambience tone with their unique combination of comic entertainment and high end photography. Our artists will expertly capture every moment of laughter and natural joy as guests arrive along with offering unforgettable walkabout entertainment later in the event to suit your individual requirements.

Choose from a variety of custom themes that perfectly fit the style and purpose of your event for a brilliantly bespoke feel to our fake ‘pap’ guest entertainment. With options for seamless on-site photo printing and instant digital downloads along with exclusive drive upload possibilities, our professional fake paps offer everything you need to ensure that your guests feel like genuine stars.

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