Storytellers and Story Telling Performers For Hire

Captivating storytellers to engage audiences of all ages with creative narratives and enchanting characterisation: corporate or private

Breathing life into much-loved stories both contemporary and traditional, our mesmerising storytellers are able to transport audiences to another time and place with compelling narration and skilful character work. From fantastical folk tales to emotive modern fantasy, we provide an inspiring variety of storytelling styles and themes.


Transport your audiences to countless new worlds with our first-class selection of storytellers, all of whom are leading figures in the realm of storytelling entertainment.

Passionate and compelling, our gifted storytellers will make guests at your event laugh, cry, gasp in shock, or dream in wonder, and they can cater their performances for audiences of all ages and tastes.

Truly bringing stories to life through their fascinating shows, our exceptional narrators will captivate audiences with their enchanting style, theatrical flair, infectious energy, unique interpretations, and diverse range of tales.

Performing everything from romances and ghost stories to folk tales and myths, and drawing inspiration from both real life and fantasy, our wonderful storytellers will take everyone on a thrilling journey of the imagination and make your event stand out for all the right reasons.