Digital Caricaturists For Hire

Skilled caricature artists providing digital illustrations for live events: corporate or private

Taking the art of illustration to another level, our skilled digital caricaturists offer captivating live entertainment and custom drawings for delighted guests around the world. With the ability to create an accurate digital depiction of event guests within only moments, our talented artists provide innovative mementos that contribute to unforgettable event experiences.


The advent of the 21st century, with all its state-of-the-art technology, has seen the dawn of the age of the digital caricaturist!  

Always a popular entertainment choice for corporate events, weddings, exhibitions, trade shows, private parties and product launches, digital caricaturists have expanded on the traditional art form producing their caricatures with specialist software on smartphones and tablets.

This integration into smart technology has opened up a whole host of exciting new opportunities only offered by a digital caricaturist; guests can instantaneously share their caricatures via their social media networks, and the drawing of each caricature becomes a spectacle that all guests can be involved in with live projection at an event. The finished piece can then be printed onto customised or branded paper for guests to take away as a memento of the event.

All of our digital caricaturists at Scarlett Entertainment have a wealth of artistic and technical skills that allow them to expertly create digital caricatures in just a few minutes. Each has worked at events for a range of high profile clients including BMW, Samsung, Warner Bros, Virgin and Microsoft and is experienced at providing a professional and personalised service.

Each of our digital caricaturists has their own unique style and is dedicated to giving your guests a unique experience and a lasting memento of your event!

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