Surprise and amaze your guests with an impromptu and unexpected performance from one of our professional singing waiters and ensure uninhibited laughter with one of our surprise comedy acts!

Your guests won’t suspect a thing as our surprise acts integrate themselves into your event right from the start either posing as waiters, staff or guests. Professional performers, comedians and singers all of our surprise acts can offer a variety of line-ups including male and female performers as well as bespoke services that encompass a range of musical styles like show tunes, opera, classical, pop and top 40! In addition each comedy situation can be adapted and customised to suit your specific ideas or themes. 

Picture your guests’ priceless reactions when our performers suddenly break character and burst into song in the middle of dinner! Or as our comedy waiters let lose all their wit and store of practical jokes to create utter mayhem and laughs galore. Offering sophistication, humour and audience interaction as well as tongue in cheek hilarious comic antics, our acts can tailor their performance to perfectly compliment the tone of your event.

Exciting, unexpected and unusual entertainment, our comedy and surprise waiters are sure to put on smile on faces at corporate dinners, wedding breakfasts, birthday parties and special celebrations!

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