Paparazzi Photographers For Hire

Skilled photographers providing entertaining roaming photography for events: corporate or private

Bring a fun entertainment edge to event photography with our incredibly popular fake paparazzi photographers for events. From teams of 'paps' waiting to greet and photograph guests as they arrive to full red carpet treatment photo moments and themed roaming photography, our skilled technicians bring glamour to events of all sizes around the world. 


Roll out the red carpet and give your guests the celebrity treatment with our fake paparazzi! 

The ultimate mixture of comic entertainment and event photography, our hilarious fake paparazzi capture your event as it unfolds. Using an informal documentary/reportage style of photography, our fake paparazzi catch those natural moments of uninhibited laughter when guests are being themselves. Available to meet and greet guests as they arrive or as a walkabout act for the duration of your event, they will make your guests feel like a million dollars whilst taking photos that you and your guests will cherish forever!

All professional photographers with years of event experience, all of our fake paparazzi use state of the art DSLR cameras and expert skills to ensure high-quality photos that can be uploaded to a private online gallery, burnt to CD or USB. 

Adding an element of comedy and fun, our paparazzi photographers provide memorable entertainment that will have your guests smiling and laughing right from the off, setting the tone for the rest of your event. 

Offering a range of different themed costumes, from vintage Hollywood to contemporary, our paps are perfect for celebrity-themed events, corporate functions, after-parties, awards ceremonies, private parties and special occasions.