Bubble Shows For Hire

Skilful bubble entertainers providing brilliant bubble shows for events: corporate or private

Combining spellbinding magic tricks with compelling science demonstrations, our enchanting bubble shows and bubble acts are an entertainment favourite for guests of all ages.  With an impressive array of 'bubbleology' skills, our extensive roster of specialist entertainers will leave a lasting creative impression. 


Bubble shows are a fantastic interactive, educational and innovative form of entertainment that has become exceedingly popular at children's parties, science events, corporate events, weddings and private parties, amazing, delighting and enchanting audiences of all ages with some seriously bubble-licious fun!

Representing some of the world’s top bubbleologists, we can offer an array of exceptional and educational bubble shows, interactive workshops and mix and mingle walkabout acts to truly delight, amaze and fascinate your special guests.

Our bubble performers use a huge range of exciting bubble tricks and have broken many world records, from the world’s smallest bubbles to the world’s biggest bubbles; square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubbles you can touch and even giant human-sized bubbles!

Having already performed for large corporate companies including Porsche, Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Mitsubishi, our astonishing bubble acts entertain with undeniable charm and a quirky sense of humour, to guarantee that your special event is a very memorable occasion.