Light Artists For Hire

Hire Light Artists to Amaze and Entertain Your Guest List: Corporate or Private

Light painting uses intelligent photographic technology combined with expert artistry to create maximum visual impact. Available as a full performance act or as an interactive option where guests can try the art themselves, our light painters illuminate every event.


Using the latest light technology and a slow photographic exposure, our light painters turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Filling the darkness with a vibrancy and energy created by three-dimensional ‘brush strokes’, they can create ephemeral art and animation that will blow you away! 

Our light painters are available in a range of different set ups including: a live performer with video capture and projection, which displays the image on a large screen as it is being created; a camera and a performer where the images are only revealed at the end; or an interactive photo booth where guests can have a go at light painting themselves! 

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design for a TV commercial, film, billboard, animation, marketing campaign, magazine editorial, or for entertainment live at an event our light painters are on hand to help. 

Light painting photo booths are a great alternative to the traditional concept as guests can play an interactive role in their own creations and companies can easily incorporate branding in an interesting way with light images. 

Ideal for corporate events, private parties, awards ceremonies and more, our lighter painter and photographers will help to make your event unforgettable.