Street Dancers and Break Dancers For Hire

Bring a unique edge to your event with high energy street and break dance acts: corporate or private

Packed full of dynamic break moves and infectious physical energy, our world class break dancers and cutting edge street dance acts will uplift every event with explosive professional skills and unbelievable choreographic talent.


Give your event a stylish, modern edge with our superb range of street dancers and break dancers.

A style that developed outside of dance studios, street dance is all about freedom of expression, involving lots of improvisation and crowd interaction. A dynamic visual spectacle, it is a fusion of many different styles, taking elements of hip hop, popping and locking, jazz, contemporary and commercial dance to create a fast-paced and exciting performance.

A form of street dance, breakdancing or b-boying incorporates intricate body movements, coordination, style, and impressive aesthetics for a truly gripping show, with influences from both acrobatics and gymnastics. Demonstrating amazing endurance, speed, and control, our talented break dancers are certain to wow audiences at your event.

Bringing an abundance of passion and energy to your function, all of our street dancers and break dancers are professional performers who will provide you with top quality entertainment to make any occasion stand out. Ideal for corporate events, private parties, festivals, exhibitions, ceremonies, product launches and more, our dancers will not fail to impress.