Tap Dancers For Hire

Book our rhythmic experts to deliver tap dance acts that will amaze your event guests: corporate or private

Complex choreography and breathtaking speed combine to create outstanding tap dance acts that will astound your event guests. Hire our professional tap dancers to share their skill and agility and ultimately  deliver the toe-tapping impact you’re looking for.


Dance and percussion combine in the captivating shows of our talented tap dancers, who are guaranteed to make an impact at your event.

An exciting style of dance that uses special shoes equipped with metal taps on the ball and heel, tap makes for a striking audio and visual spectacle as dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythms and beats as they dance. Blending elements of jazz, ballet, and contemporary styles into their routines, our fabulous dancers are sure to delight your guests. 

Expressive and fun, tap dance is a great way to make your event stand out, giving any occasion a quirky and original edge. Talented professionals, our tap dancers will bring explosive entertainment to your function with their expert choreography, impressive technical skill, and true passion.

A feast for the eyes and ears that combines fast footwork with incredible precision and a unique musicality, our wonderful tap dancers are ideal for corporate functions, private parties, gala dinners, ceremonies, festivals and more, and can create bespoke and themed routines to tie in with your event requirements.