Hire a tap dancer in Canada

Discover breathtaking tap dancers for corporate and private events

Take your event to new heights with our professional tap dancers who perform striking routines showcasing a range of magnificent tricks and rapid footwork that’s certain to leave guests lost for words.

Why hire a tap dancer?

Tap is an energetic form of dance that involves exceptionally fast and rhythmic footwork. Featuring glitzy costumes, sophisticated performance styles and thrilling tap tricks, our tap dance acts offer a complete spectacle for all guests to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tap dance?

Tap is a form of dance characterised by tap shoes striking against the floor to create percussive sounds. Tap shoes have small metal plates on the heel and toe which allows the dancer to create rhythmic melodies to music or unaccompanied.

What can I expect from a tap dance performance?

Dressed immaculately from head to toe, our tappers aim to impress with their fast feet and satisfying beats. Showcasing tremendous coordination and balance, our tap dancers are incredible to watch and are certain to impress audiences with their dynamic skill set.

Can I hire a bespoke package?

Of course! We love creating unique concepts and building bespoke packages for our clients. Our Custom Creations team are experts when it comes to casting performers, designing costumes, choreographing routines and creating soundtracks. So, if you’re looking for a package that ties into your theme and meets your event goals, you’re in the right place.

Can I hire a tap dancer outside of Canada?

Absolutely! We have an amazing catalogue of tap dancers all over the world so if you’re interested in an international act just let us know. We can then liaise with the performer to discuss availability and transportation and set the wheels in motion.