Hire a cabaret show in Canada

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Looking to dazzle guests at your next event? Our groundbreaking cabaret acts are exceptional and a great addition to any corporate or private event. From a traditional Parisian cabaret show to an all-round cabaret entertainer, each act promises to engage and entertain and leave your guests with a big smile on their faces.

Why hire cabaret entertainment?

There are lots of reasons we love to propose cabaret acts to our clients. They are full of variety which appeals to a wide audience. Combining lots of artistic disciplines into one show means there’s something for everyone. And there’s always an element of surprise with each cabaret performance as our acts love to keep guests on their toes, either with a little improvisation or spontaneous audience participation. 

They’re also highly adaptable which makes them perfect for corporate or private events. With the ability to change up the theme, lineup, choreography, and format of the show, you can tailor any cabaret act to your event. What’s more, you’re not limited when it comes to options. Our entertainment roster has cabaret shows across Canada and all over the world, so you can rest assured you’ve got a stellar collection to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cabaret performance?

A cabaret performance combines multiple disciplines including acting, singing, dancing, magic, comedy and more into one show. It tends to run as a collection of short performances showcasing a range of different talents.

What kind of cabaret entertainment do you offer?

Thanks to our immense talent roster and in-house production team we can offer all kinds of cabaret entertainment. From a Parisian style cabaret dancer and a mind-blowing magician, to a side-splitting comedy host and a show-stopping cabaret singer. The list is endless and can be tailored precisely to your event.

Is a cabaret show right for my event?

There are many reasons why a cabaret show could be the perfect fit for your event. Classy, sophisticated, and thoroughly engaging, this type of entertainment is extremely adaptable and can be dialled back or overemphasised depending on your preferences. From an all-round cabaret performer to a themed production show with a professional cast, our roster contains various acts that are dynamic and designed to suit all occasions.

Can I hire any cabaret act on your roster?

You sure can! All acts listed on our website are available to hire subject to availability. If you’re looking to hire multiple acts and need a little guidance, our Entertainment Experts can work with you to recommend acts in line with your event and theme.

Can I hire a cabaret show outside of Canada?

Absolutely! Our global scope means we can provide you with high-end cabaret acts no matter where you are in the world. So if you’re based in Canada but hosting an event overseas, we can source acts from our talent pool in accordance to your event location.