Stunt Acts and Stunt Shows For Hire

Edge of your seat stunt entertainment providing world-class thrill factor for every event: corporate or private

Our award winning artists have performed their spectacular stunt acts for the likes of Sony, Red Bull and Honda and are no stranger to a challenge. Choose from an eclectic line up of sword swallowing, acrobatic contortionists, BMX freestylers, human canon balls, fire artists and many more for an event experience like no other.


Exciting, dangerous and jam-packed full of adrenaline, stunt shows are a sure fire way to capture and hold audiences’ attentions at your event! 

Combining high-level skills with daring acts of bravery, our stunt performers will have audiences on the edges of their seats as they attempt – and succeed in – the impossible!  

From BMX flatland freestylers and motorbike stunt artists, to acrobatic sword swallowers, to escape artists, human canon balls, crossbow acts, to animal display teams, Scarlett Entertainment’s stunt show roster is filled to the brim with extreme performers. Whilst outwardly looking extremely dangerous, our performers are all professionals with years of experience and each know how to perfectly execute their acts safely while retaining the illusion of jeopardy. 

Many of our performers are Guinness World Record holders and have won international awards for their acts. The best of the best, they have performed for big names such as Sony, Philips, Honda, Go Pro and Red Bull. Able to incorporate products, messages and branding into their shows in innovative ways, not only are our stunt shows perfect for festivals and street events they are also ideal for product launches and brand reveals. 

Performing with unrivalled originality and style, our stunt shows are guaranteed to create a hype at your event.