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Add a little exotic flair to your occasion with vibrant Brazilian dancers

Browse an array of Latin dance talent and discover the best carnival dancers for your corporate or private event.

Why hire Brazilian dancers?

Our roster features a varied selection of Brazilian entertainment that can be scaled up or down to suit your event. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering with a Brazilian theme or a street parade celebrating Latin American culture, we have everything you need to make your event one to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Latin dance?

A sensual dance style featuring quick steps, explosive movements and lots of passion. Latin dance is fun and energetic but requires incredible technical skill and stamina. Some popular Latin dances include the samba, cha cha, salsa and jive.

What can I expect from Brazilian entertainment?

A show stopping display of explosive talent! When it comes to delivering authentic Brazilian entertainment, our artists go above and beyond to ensure your event dreams are brought to life. Featuring electric energy, stunningly beautiful costumes and fast-paced routines, our Brazilian dance acts are out of this world.

Can I hire a Brazilian dancer outside of Canada?

Absolutely! Our roster features a plethora of Latin and Brazilian acts in every corner of the world so if you’re looking to hire an international act, you’re in the right place. Likewise if you’re hosting an event overseas and require local talent then please get in touch with our Entertainment Experts - they’ll be able to recommend a range of specialist acts that meet your location requirements.

Toronto Samba Dancers
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Spotlight on Toronto Samba Dancers

Transform your event into an exotic Brazilian carnival with our marvellous Copacabana-style dancers. Featuring extravagant costumes decorated with vibrant feathers, these fabulous performers can deliver high-intensity routines for the stage or interact with guests as walkabout entertainment. Based in Toronto, our Brazilian dance troupe are available for hire at events throughout Canada and all over the globe.

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