Book Plane Shows & Stunts for Outdoor Events

Astonish audiences with awe-inspiring aerobatic shows featuring flying daredevils and spectacular stunts in the sky.

Discover high-octane, high-flying entertainment for outdoor events! Hire aerobatic display teams to perform gravity-defying stunt shows using aeroplanes, gliders and helicopters.

Plane Shows & Spectacular Stunts

Take to the skies and book gravity-defying entertainment for your outdoor event. There’s nothing quite like an aerobatic display to bring a crowd together in a moment of collective awe. Airshows include stunt shows with aeroplanes or gliders, like the Red Arrows and the Flying Bulls plus wingsuit flyers, parachute display teams and more.

Plane shows are socially-safe spectacles that never fail to make an impact. Plus, we offer the opportunity to brand plane shows with themed costumes and messages in the sky. We highly recommend plane shows for major sporting events, summer festivals, family events and automotive and aviation fairs. 

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